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Ballerina Girls - Beauty Salon


Ready to look as good as any prima ballerina? Hit the beauty salon before your big ballet dance number in your upcoming recital. It’s your time to shine, so start relaxing with some pampering!Ballet is a beautiful and expressive dance. Dancers need to look and feel their best to give it their all.
Enjoy some lovely spa treatments to get your skin glowing with health and vitality! Be ready for the camera flashes with some incredible makeup. Ballet costumes are some of the most beautiful costumes around. Enjoy playing dress up with a wide variety of gorgeous outfits.
Are you ready to make your mark as a prima ballerina ready for the spotlight?
How to Play:• Pick your dancer• Get ready to relax• Spa treatment time!• Use the perfect makeup to get ready for any close-ups• Dress up in some glamorous ballet outfits• Be ready to soak up the adoration of all your ballet dance fans
Being a prima ballerina for your city’s top dance company can be equal parts stressful and enjoyable. Take care of yourself by helping to reduce that stress! Pampering is just a perk of being one of the best dancers. Download today to find that perfect spot of relaxation.